Gateron Yellow Switch Buying Guide and Review : The Best Budget Linear Switch You Should Choose

Gateron Yellow Switches are a very good switch option for those who like linear switches for mechanical keyboards . It's a very smooth, quiet, vertical pressing sensation with no clicky feel. Good for working in the office, longterm typing, and even gaming.

The actuation force of Gateron Yellow is 50g. The travel distance is 4mm which is the same as that standard Gateron Switches: Gateron red, blue and brown.

Gateron Yellow Switches

The Front of Gateron Yellow Switch

Gateron Yellow Switches

The Back of Gateron Yellow Switch

The Difference Between Gateron Red and Gateron Yellow

Most people are likely to choose the red switches when choosing a mechanical keyboard with a linear switch because most brands only have red switches for linear switches. They don't know they are other linear switch options.

People often feel that the red switches are relatively soft and light, in particular, the feedback on the slightly larger keys are not so great. The Gateron yellow switch is our recommended switch for those people who feel the red switch is too light, too soft and need a slightly stronger feedback.

The Gateron yellow switch is smooth and the actuation force is 50g, which is only 5g more than the red switch(45g). That makes a difference in feel, but not too much. You can feel it makes the keycaps follow your fingers more closely.

Gateron Yellow Is One Of Our Most Recommended Customization Products 

The Gateron black switch is also a linear switch, but its actuation force is 60g, more than 15g compared to the red switch, a huge difference. The yellow switch, with a spring of 50g, gives a faster rebounce and feels stronger when pressed.

We think the Gateron yellow switch is a good middle ground with a stronger and clearer response than the classic Gateron red switch, but still not too forceful. It has all the good characteristics of the linear switch and it's good for typing and gaming on any occasion.

We think it's a best option if you want to upgrade your linear switch and the Gateron yellow switches are also very affordable. It is worth a try.

Gateron Linear Comparison Chart

Gateron Red Vs Gateron Yellow (Picture)

Gateron Yellow and Red Switches

The front of Gateron red and yellow switches

Gateron Yellow and Red Switches

The stems are almost the same

Gateron Yellow and Red Switches

The stems are almost the same

The yellow switch spring (right) is slightly bigger than the red switch's (left)

 Sound Test: Gateron Red Vs Gateron Yellow

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